FREE Rainbow Wristband for children

FREE Maldon Carnival Rainbow Wristband

Thank you for your interest in the free wristband for children offer, due to the high demand we have now run out of free stock. You can still get one via a donation if you wish by click here.

We would like to thank all the children who have to stay at home during the lockdown. We know it hard not seeing your friends, extended family, going out to play. We would like to give you a rainbow ‘Keep Smiling’ wristband. Wearing it will make you feel happy and it will be a great keepsake for your time capsule. All we ask is that you are displaying your Rainbow poster in one of your windows for NHS/ Keyworkers and that maybe you can send us a photo of you wearing the wristband(Optional).

Maldon Carnival has 400 to give away to primary school-age children in Maldon and Heybridge Area (CM9 Area). If you like an extra one for a parent or friend, we ask for a small donation (£2 suggested but can be anything you can afford).
To receive your free one, please get your parent to complete this form and we will drop one off to you.

We can only give free wristband to primary school-age children living in Maldon and Heybridge. If you like extra ones for parents, friends etc please click here